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Autism Leaders Don't Like Being Criticized...

For the first time in their history they have banded together to do something...

Opinion by Consumer Advocate  Tim Bolen read it.

Monday, July 8th, 2013


And it was to tell me, Tim Bolen, how angry they are with me.  Blah, blah, blah...

Well, it's a start.  Maybe next they'll buy a book on planning, or something. Then maybe one or two might even read that book.  Maybe not.  You can't be sure with these people.  Unless there's a photo or a TV appearance opportunity.

Then they will be RIGHT THERE.

It took FIVE articles about how useless they were to finally get them to react.  It was like trying to get a teenager off the couch to go mow the lawn. And boy did they get angry - emailing me, writing articles for FaceBook, and Age of Autism about how evil Tim Bolen is.  It was a Pity Party of the first order. 

Self pity pouring out like candy out of a broken piñata. 

But, nowhere in their diatribe was even the beginnings of a plan to solve the Autism problem.  Not even a mention.  They especially never mentioned what I am about to reveal at the bottom of this article.

But it was a great opportunity for me to get in their faces via those emails.  Their anger POURED out, and when you read their missives, the self-centeredness, the me-me-me focus, comes at you like a train in a tunnel.

What is really interesting is that the bird-brained Canary Party, after being invited to participate in the Health Freedom Congress (at my recommendation and invitation - and I rue the day I did that), saw how large, vibrant, friendly, and organized Health Freedom people were, and changed their Canary Party description from "Autism" to "Health Freedom" - just like that.  Wasn't that special?

More, the Canary Party, which is hiding their tax records from me, claims to be a PAC, rather than a non-profit 501(C)4.  There are none of the required filings anywhere I could find - and I know where to look.  They got invited, this last session of the Health Freedom Congress, as all of the delegates were, to pick a workshop to attend - and they picked the "mandatory vaccine workshop," a subject none of them, I think had ever heard of before.  There they met with a group of groups of State Health Freedom leaders, and for the very first time, I suspect, learned how to do to something other than pose for a photo.

Here, is where it gets hilarious...  Four, or maybe five, Health Freedom Movement groups were banding together to go after mandatory vaccine issues in EVERY State, with their first State Minnesota.  That's the article I wrote last week.  That position paper Diane Miller wrote fits every State.  The Canary Party (SNORT) wrote an article for Age of Autism, that claims that THEY did all the work, and that Diane Miller, and her group(s), had only a very minor role.

I'm surprised that Jennifer Larson (Barbie) didn't give Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton $40,000 to have his picture taken with the Canary Party - although there's still time.

I feel like I have had a success.  Of course, a limited success.  I got Autism Leadership  to think about something other than the question "What dress I am going to wear when I have my photo taken with a Governor or a Congressman?"

So, let's get to the meat of this article...

This is the sixth article in a series focusing on the fact that Autism is a social issue that could have been, and should have been, solved a long time ago.  And, as you can tell, I'm pointing my finger right at those that claim the title "Autism Leadership."

Today's issue is simple.  Autism Leadership knows how to fix one of the major Autism issues.  They have known about the solution for quite some time and have chosen, for whatever their reasons, to keep this information from Autism parents.

I break Autism down into only two problems:  (1)  What's causing it, and what do we do about that?  and (2)  How do we fix the children and the parents.

I keep saying "We already have the answers to these problems, so what are we waiting for?"

What all of us should find strange is that not once has Autism Leadership asked me to explain my statement "We already have the answers to these problems, so what are we waiting for?"

Why?  Keep reading - you'll figure it out, very soon.

More, there is no effort, what-so-ever, to introduce a discussion into the Autism Community on "what are our problems and how do we fix them?"

And, that makes me VERY suspicious.

VERY suspicious.  To me there are only two choices:  (1)  Are these people venal and stupid, or (2) as I keep asking, is this a fifth column operation?  Neither answer is satisfactory.

A little over a year ago I hosted a panel discussion at the Chicago Health Freedom Expo.  On the panel were both Andy Wakefield and Mark Geier.  I surprised these two with three questions I didn't tell them would be asked.  All three questions were terribly important and their answers showed the true quality of these two men and their value to society. 

The first question, of course, was "What is causing Autism, and what do we do about it?"  The second was "How do we fix the children and the families?

Mark and Andy looked at each other, nodded, and off they went.  It was an "Oh, my God" moment.  You could have heard a pin drop in the audience.  These two brilliant, caring, men played off each other, filling in on each other's points.  They never stopped, and what they had to say summed up the situation far better than I could ever write.  I didn't take notes.  I just watched and listened, just as enthralled as the audience.  For Mark and Andy are a tremendous resource to the Autism community.  Together, they were a moment in time.

Let me say that again - Together, they were a moment in time.

But, pay attention to the fact that this panel was at a the MUCH larger Health Freedom Expo (14,000 at Long Beach, 14,000 at Chicago = 28,000 total as opposed to less than 1,500 attendees at AutismOne) so the audience was NOT primarily Autism interests.  No one in an Autism Leadership position ever asks these questions.

The Age of Autism blog NEVER talks about major Autism issues.  NEVER.  Just about every article they do is, at best, second tier, dancing, as it were, around the perimeter of the issues, but never actually touching on one.

They've never done even one article on Mark and David Geier, pillars of the Autism community.  Not one.  So, for sure Mark Blaxill would never allow Dan Olmstead to interview Mark and Andy, together, about how to solve the Autism problem.  Mark Blaxill provides the money for Dan Olmstead's paycheck.  And, from what I can see, if Mark Blaxill doesn't achieve Center Stage, every time, on every occasion, the discussion gets blocked.  Blaxill can tell Dan Olmstead how many breaths he can take per minute. 

So, now that I've raised your blood pressure...

Take a deep breath.  Here it comes.

We all know that the bio-medical approach significantly mitigates the problems of Autism.  But, as Jenny McCarthy points out, that bio-medical approach costs about $85,000 per year, per child.  She took off her clothes for Playboy magazine for that reason.

However, how many Autism mommies out there can do THAT?  Many, to their credit, would do just that, if it would help their child.  But REALLY?  That's not going to happen.

Both Talk About Curing Autism (TACA) and Generation Rescue raise money for children to get those bio-medical treatments.  I applaud them.  But, together they raise about 1.2 million per year.  Fundraising is very hard in this economy.

Here is the bad news.  After expenses, let's say that they have $850,000 left to pay for bio-medical treatments.  That's ten children.

Ten children.

And, there are four million Autistic children.

Four million Autistic children.

Autism Leadership is very well aware there is a better way...

In July 2009 something extremely important happened in the Autism Community.  An Autism clinic, called CARE Clinics was raided in Austin, Texas by Federal Agents. It was a major assault, coordinated by Stephen Barrett's Quackwatch operation. Barrett, his paymasters, and minions expended massive energy on this attack.  Why?

Because the issues at hand threatened the vaccine industry more than ever before.  What the clinic was doing was so threatening to the vaccine construction, that to them, CARE Clinics had to be shut down at any cost.  I will explain why.  Below is what I said in my May, 2010 article "The Assault on Autistic Children and their Parents..."

"Everybody knows that I am a Crisis Management Consultant in the health care industry. I get called into the cases where the quackbuster misinformation group is operating. Not so long ago, I was hired to look at a situation in Austin, Texas where a clinic was attacked by goofbag Stephen Barrett on several fronts - a Texas Medical Board complaint was filed against the doctor (Jesus Caquias MD), all of the health insurance companies stopped paying the clinic for their services, and the FBI raided the clinic last July 2009, claiming in the warrant that they were investigating the clinic for "Insurance Fraud," and "Health Fraud" violations."

Kazuko Grace Curtain, the Owner of CARE Clinics, and Jim Shaw, the Chief Executive struggled to pay even my retainer and expenses to get started on this case.  That's what happens when Stephen Barrett convinces Health Insurance companies to NOT pay a provider - you run out of money quickly.  The rent still needs to be paid, employees want paychecks, the IRS wants their cut...

To me, though, it's just war.  Another battle to win.  So, I started making phone calls to see what assets CARE Clinics could count on, and how they could be used to reverse this situation.  Of course, the Health Freedom world, when I called said "sure, what do you need."  The Autism Leadership world, however, was an entirely different story - they literally shunned CARE Clinics, and actively promoted what Stephen Barrett and the Skeptics had to say about them.  They STILL DO.

So, as you can see my impression of what Autism Leadership is REALLY all about has been forming for quite some time.  My wife makes me clean up my language before I talk about them on the phone. I could teach mule skinners new phrases.

But, let's go on with a comparison of the two groups (Health Freedom and Autism Leadership) and how they handle problems.  I have already given you the sum total of Autism Leadership's operation.  There is NOTHING more than what I have described.  NOTHING.  The question:  "Are these people (1) venal and stupid, or (2) is this a fifth column operation?"  is truly one I DO NOT have the answer for.

But in the Health Freedom world it was an entirely different story.  When I called Peter McCarty and Rhadia Gleiss, the two that head up the 55,000 member Texas Health Care Coalition, their response was "Let's have lunch TODAY."

Houston, Texas Steve Hotze MD's group, successfully using a steamroller approach on the Texas Medical Board, said "let's get together on this."

My buddy attorney Rick Jaffe, then working out of Houston, Texas (but now in Sacramento, CA), jumped in his hot-rod twin engine Aerostar and dropped into the Austin private airport, immediately, where we all met in the coffee shop.

Attorney Ron Armstrong, of Brownsville, Texas came in as Jesus Caquias MD's legal counsel, and after reading the Texas Medical Board's Stephen Barrett generated Complaints against Caquias, said, in a deep south Texas accent "bul-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-lshit."

Stephen Barrie ND, the originator of the famous Great Smokies Labs, now Genova, came in and took the electronic laboratory test results of 2,000 of CARE Clinics' patients and organized them in a database program into "Before, during, and after treatment" categories - and the results were astounding.

Al Augustine and Jeff Levin, attorneys for Doctor's Data, decided to take issue with Barrett over his efforts to try to get Doctor's Data federally indicted as co-conspirators, with CARE Clinics - and took Barrett, and his minions, and cronies to Federal Court.

And, the war was on...

And, as everyone in the Health Freedom world already knows, Stephen Barrett got his ass handed to him.  Again.

Of course it is doubtful whether or not Autism Leadership even knows who Stephen Barrett actually is, or what his relationship to Autism might be.  For, for sure, no one has EVER seen anything written about Barrett in Age of Autism. 

And, I'm not sure if Autism Leadership even knows where Texas might be.

Just  before we get to the Bottom Line...

Now I want all of you "Autism Leadership" people reading this (to look for something more to be angry at me about) to sit down, take the gum out of your mouth, leave your purse on the floor so you don't fiddle with your makeup (there's no photo opportunity here), and read the material just below, carefully.

Very carefully.  For it is about YOUR children, and how to fix them.  And, all of this below, has already been arranged FOR YOU, by the Health Freedom Movement.  And, more is in the works - but you are not going to be told about it yet, because as sure as God made little green apples, you'd find a way to fuck it up.

And here's the Bottom Line...

(1)  Rick Jaffe's Aerostar has a top speed of 306 mph, and a cruising speed of 242 mph and that's way too slow for him for his mind runs at light speed.  Some clients, when they first meet him, are intimidated, because he's VERY THERE.  It took Rick only a very short time to take the wind out of Stephen Barrett and company's sails with the Federal Prosecutor over the bogus "Insurance Fraud" and "Health Fraud" claims.  I wrote about this, in detail, in an article called "In Texas (2) - Feds Spit On Barrett's Claims About Austin's CARE Clinics...

In short, the Feds decided that CARE Clinics' billing of insurance for Autism patients was completely legal.

Let me say that again - the Feds decided that CARE Clinics' billing of insurance for Autism patients was completely legal.

(2) Brownsville, Texas attorney Ron Armstrong tore through the Texas Medical Board's accusations against his client Jesus Caquias MD.  He beat up the Board so bad that the laughter hasn't stopped.  The Administrative Law Judges, two of them were assigned, found totally in favor of Caquias declaring his bio-medical treatment approach the "Standard of Care."  You can read the details at: "We Interrupt This Broadcast..." Total Victory in Texas - Austin Autism Care Clinics' Jesus Caquias MD Totally Exonerated...

Do you need me to repeat that?  "Standard of Care."

(3)  Stephen Barrie ND presented his official findings of his retrospective study of 2,000 of CARE Clinics' patients, at an Autism conference in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin put on by Jo Antonelli, on May 8th, 2010 - over three years ago.  Here's the summary:

“Preliminary results from a retrospective data analysis of a very large ASD clinical database is showing confirming information that indeed children with ASD have elevated levels of several toxic chemicals that have been documented to be neurotoxic and that these same children have genetic variations that interfere with the proper detoxification of these chemicals. With over 2,000 patients in the database, this may be one of the largest studies to show that environmental factors and associated genetic components may be contributing to the causation of ASD.

 Future analysis of the database will evaluate hundreds of other physiological components as well as clinical data relating to the correction of specific biochemical pathway abnormalities with condition improvement.”

And, who, exactly is Steve Barrie?

Dr. Barrie was in clinical practice during the mid 1980’s at the Great Smokies Medical Center, specializing in integrative medicine and clinical ecology.  He was the founder and former CEO/Chairman of Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory (now Genova Diagnostics), an international clinical reference laboratory for physicians, which he started in 1986 to advance natural medicine and the scientific research of integrative medicine around the world. Dr. Barrie developed many of the present day laboratory tests used for understanding the causes of ASD.

He has been a pioneer in promoting the concepts of preventive medicine and early intervention as the most rational and cost effective healthcare model, and has been a speaker in numerous worldwide forums presenting the scientific basis for Functional Medicine and sharing new ways to uncover the causes of common diseases. He founded one of the first health Internet sites – in 2000. Dr. Barrie is also a NY Times best-selling author of several health books including “7 Day Detox Miracle”, “Energize Your Life” and numerous scientific articles, which have appeared in major medical journals including The Lancet, Agents and Actions and Medical Hypothesis.

 Dr. Barrie also pioneered the concept of “home” and “direct to consumer” laboratory testing and developed the first commercially viable SNP Genomic testing profiles for common diseases; was co-founder of Nutritionals, the country’s leading developer and provider of supplements and tools for brain health.

(4)  Doctor's Data and their attorneys are, in the vernacular, showing Stephen Barrett, "how the cow ate the cabbage," in the wonderfully proceeding "Doctor's Data v Stephen Barrett" federal court case.

What's it all mean?

It means, simply, that those four million Autistic children don't have to wait for TACA or Generation Rescue to raise money.  For while Autism Leadership was getting falling-down-drunk at Karaoke night, the North American Health Freedom Movement was arranging the answer.  Just like we always do.

I explained this situation to my new friend Barrie Segal, of the Segal Foundation.  Barrie asked me immediately "why haven't you involved Autism Leadership" in this?"  I looked at Barrie for a moment and said: "We are both businessmen here.  Would you involve a toxic, dysfunctional, group like that in a SERIOUS project?"

Barrie said:  "good point..."

The Bottom Bottom Line...

Within the Autism world there really are some serious players doing good work.  They are just not, or do not appear to be, in power.  They don't look for photo opportunities.  And they don't buy their way into Congressional  hearings.

A good many of them tell me things under protection of confidentiality.  I honor that.

One of my clients, perhaps, the largest, and, in my mind, most effective of the cutting-edge health care organizations, has offered to train thousands of health professionals in the techniques to reverse not only Autism, but ALL of the neurological disorders described as "one in six children" by Bobbie Kennedy Junior.  More, they can provide training on how to get either the patient re-imbursed, or the doctor paid directly, using an independent billing service that specializes in this kind of thing.

I have already taken Andy Wakefield, Mark and David Geier, attorney Bob Reeves, and Health Freedom radio guru Robert Scott Bell to a meeting with my client to discuss how to go about doing this.

Real Autism leaders - are you interested?  There are no photo opportunities here.  Just answers.

Right now is as good a time as any to reverse Autism.


Tim Bolen - Consumer Advocate


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