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Five Days at AutismOne Was Exhausting...

Opinion by Consumer Advocate  Tim Bolen 

Friday, June 1st,  2012


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I went to AutismOne last week primarily as an observer.  Terry and Ed Arranga put on a great event.  I did speak, leading a panel discussion, on Friday morning at 10:30 AM - "FOIA Exposes CDC Lied Claiming Mercury in Vaccines is Safe..." with Brian Hooker PhD, Kentucky attorney Bob Reeves, and radio host Robert Scott Bell.  We had a very good audience.  The question period continued all weekend.

In short - we delivered a bombshell.  As reference - see the articles in the table on the right.

But mostly I simply looked around, trying to get a sense of how the Autism movement operated, with this conference as its primary expression.  And, I met, constantly, with the Autism leadership - one meeting after another.  I fell asleep in the airport waiting for my plane ride home, and then, again, on the airplane.   I am still digesting info.

Three of us from the Health Freedom Movement were there, and we compared notes all week - myself, Robert Scott Bell, and Julie Whitman Kline.  Robert was running fifteen minute recorded interviews all week -so we amassed a huge file of very valuable interviews.  You can see an excerpt by clicking here.

Of course I went to the Jenny McCarthy speech, and there I sat, a few feet away, while Robert Scott Bell interviewed her for his show.  About Jenny I have this to say: 

"I am glad that this happened to her and her boy, for with her, one could not find a better warrior, a better person, in a better place, to champion this issue.  And, this issue needs to be championed.  This girl is beautiful inside and out.  More, she makes it clear that there are solutions, that there is hope, and a light at the end of the tunnel.  This girl is real.  And, I like her.  She reminds me of my own daughter."

You can look at the AutismOne Schedule of Events to get an idea of the breadth of this happening.  It spanned a lot of issues.  For instance, I was standing in the hallway when a class let out, and about two hundred obvious police officers, only some in uniform, came out of a lecture room, heading my way.  They were there to be trained in what Autistic children were all about.

An Important Part...

Two important issues threaded through the conference:

One theme that permeated the event was the fact that the Autism leadership has decided that it will NOT TOLERATE assaults on those doctors, scientists, and advocates that champion its causes - and that there will be consequences.  In this, the North American Health Freedom Movement heartily agrees.  For me, what this meant is that there were, in essence, five days of war councils, and war counsels.

The two stand-out issues, of course, were, and are, (1)  the attack on Andy Wakefield by sleazy Brian Deer and the now professionally worthless British Medical Journal (BMJ), and (2) the organized attack on Mark and David Geier.

These two issues co-mingle. 

Why?  Plenty is happening behind the scenes.  The biggest subject being discussed in meetings, and phone calls, and emails, right now, is what happened in what was known, last year, as the Omnibus Autism Proceedings.

The OAP was started because the Vaccine Court created by the  National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA), in 1987, had become overloaded with claims, and the Special Masters running the court simply did not want to have to trudge through the backlog of the 5,400 cases facing it over vaccine injuries.  So, they ordered that all of the 5,400 cases be distilled down into six representative cases - three from the MMR Vaccine causes Autism argument, and three from the Thimerosal (mercury) in vaccines causes Autism argument.

I have been working on a new articles series involving what's called the "Omnibus Autism Proceedings" (OAP) which, I have to say, is going to be the most scandalous yet of my Autism articles to date - even overshadowing the "The CDC Has Known All Along How Dangerous Vaccines Are - And Has Covered It Up... (Parts One thru Five) series.

So, what is the scandal, and how does it apply here?  In short - the so-called Special Masters decided, in all six cases, that there was no relationship between vaccines and Autism. 

(1)  For the MMR part they simply refused to allow the MMR legal team Petitioners adequate subpoena  power to get info, and the government relied, primarily, on the fake discrediting of Andy Wakefield.  They made Andy Wakefield the issue.

(2)  For the Thimerosal (mercury) part the Special Masters decided that the CDC studies were the only thing they would consider as evidence.

I'll bet a light bulb just went off over your head - didn't one?  Maybe two?

Now, I'll bet, you just figured out why Andy Wakefield and his team are suing double-sleazy Brian Deer and the BMJ in Texas, right?  They are going to drag all that evidence, from Britain, the stuff denied in the OAP, into a US Court, right there in Texas.  And, of course, they will be demanding  that triple-sleazy Brian Deer reveal just who his REAL employer is now, and has been, all through his attack on Andy.  Clever, eh?

And then there's Brian Hooker PhD, literally tearing those crap CDC studies to bits.

The war is on.  The future is bright - except, of course, if you are part of the Vaccine Construction, or an employee of the CDC, or a Special Master in the Vaccine Court.

The Generation Rescue connection...

Jenny McCarthy has been raising money for parents of Autistic children so they can afford treatments that not only help, but can reverse Autism.  As she says "It costs $80,000 per year, per Autistic child, to help them.  These parents do not have that kind of money."  I applaud her for that.

But, if you think about it, isn't that what the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) was for?  Of course it was, and is.

Let's be blunt...

It is time for Criminal Indictments.


Stay Tuned...

Tim Bolen - Consumer Advocate


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